July 25, 2011

Lady with a Boston?? Yes! (part two)

Finally done! Here is my contemporary take on an fine art classic.



Some steps that I took in creating this painting.

To get a nice big sheet of paper to draw my picture on I had to cut a bunch of papers out of a magazine and gluing them together.

Then I cut out a stencil of a pattern that I wanted to spray paint.

Leto was there every step of the way helping me out. Good dog!

June 20, 2011

Lady with a Boston?? Yes! (part one)

My grandam owned a big print of Lady with an Ermine, by Leonardo da Vinci. It hanged magnificently in her hallway and I loved it. Till this day I consider it as my most favorite painting  by da Vinci.

Here is what I’m talking about.

So, since I finally have a pet I can create a Lady with Blah of my own! I was thinking of creating another collage out of magazine on canvass. That will give it an interesting modern twist to it.


A Note of things I need for it:




Paint ( maybe turquoise)

Spray paint (yellow)

Paint brushes

A good saying or a good pattern.


May 11, 2011

Leto Artwork

What kind of happy-new-dog-owner would I be if I didn’t create a painting of my dog.

Here it is!

Ink on magazine pasted on an “old” canvas and the horns are acrylic paint.

Its 30″x24″



And now it went to a new home on the July 17, 2011. So I need to make a new one. Shish

March 15, 2011

The first dog.

Finally, after all these years I am getting a dog!

This is Mack (Mikolaj and I hope to rename him Leto; Duke Leto Atreides I,  a fictional character from the Dune universe created by Frank Herbert.) He is a sweet and big three year old Boston Terrier. We are picking him up on the 26th of March(EARTH HOUR!) from his foster home in Connecticut–that is about three hours away from where we live. I think it will be an interesting drive back. (Thank you Ian and Sarah for lending us the car.)

I never had a dog of my own. Always wanted one when I was a child. So, he will be the first and I hope he will be my muse, my buddy, my headache my unconditional love.

Currently I am running around like a chicken with out a head trying to figure out what to get. I need to make a check list.

Any tips?



January 24, 2011

Art Paper Puppets

Our parents and grandparents had them when they were growing up. Us, not so much. That is because today’s toys most come with a computer chip or else they are not cool (or whatever the word is for “cool” now a days… I feel old)

But, the paper toys have been coming back. But this time as an art form. I imagine them in a house with yellow walls and lots of sunlight-almost to the point of blinding-that has it furniture from a yard sale and heavily inspired décor from Anthropologie magazine.

Also, I  like the idea of customizing your art work. On Etsy you can buy my digital print and pick the color that you like it to be. But, I also want to make artwork that is one of a kind and still allow people to customize it however they like it. Puppets allow that.

Here is my first attempt with the idea. I hope you can tell its a horse, lol.