The Love for Animals

Hey all!

You will soon learn that I’m really fascinated with drawing animals.


I don’t know… it’s something about the fur. Yeah. Something about drawing the fur. One line after the other after the other. For me, the repetition of short strokes is really relaxing.

Let me start out with some of my collage works.

I got the idea for these images in early summer of 2010 when I got accepted to two local art events for the Queens Art Express that was hosted by the SunnysideArtists. But not all was happy-happy joy-joy! I needed something really fast for the shows! All I had was about a month to make some affordable art work.

I already had a cutout image of a deer and ideas of applying it to a painted background, but, painting multiple backgrounds would take too long. A pattern that I can make quickly on the computer should work-I thought. I put the two ideas together and a clean collage image came out. So, to make one full image it takes about six hours and I did about four of 8”x10” collages and a few of really small ones.

To be hones I really didn’t think that they would sell. But, oooh boy! Was I wrong!

People would say that they are fun, colorful, contemporary and the anthropomorphic animals have a charming personality to my work. YAY let me make some more!

Thanks for looking, Till next time!


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