My painting keep on falling off the wall!

It does! I’m a few rooms away from it, but, in the middle of the night it would just fall and a THOOOOP would echo in the house that wakes me up all scared and thinking that we are being robbed!
In the old apartment I had it hammered to the wall because I have stretched the canvas too much to the point where the wood warped. At our new place I don’t want to hammer large nails to the wall so the painting is suspended on a metal string. In the beginning it would fall ever time the kids upstairs would send vibrations up and down the wall from their horsing around. I thought I have finally put it up there for good when I rammed in 10+ staples in to the wood. BUT NO! oy.

And the warping problem. I’ll try crossing starch string from one end to the other. It should work…. It works in my brain.

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