As I am sitting here waiting for things to dry, (because I have tipped a cup and spilled paint water all over me and the painting that is in today’s post)I’ll type out this entry now.

I like my paint brushes thin! Thin brushes allow me to go in there and make those really small, crisp, narrow lines that make up the fur for my animals. Some of you might say, that this is ridicules and who can sit there for hours making this repetitive stroke, don’t I get board? Sure I do!… sometimes… but, most of the time its a form of meditation for me. It takes my mind away, far, far away. Where don’t ask me.
I got the technique down so well that on the days that I see this process as tedious, I can turn on the television and watch something while I’m painting. And besides, you can’t get swell looking fur with being lazy. So enjoy it.


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