Art Paper Puppets

Our parents and grandparents had them when they were growing up. Us, not so much. That is because today’s toys most come with a computer chip or else they are not cool (or whatever the word is for “cool” now a days… I feel old)

But, the paper toys have been coming back. But this time as an art form. I imagine them in a house with yellow walls and lots of sunlight-almost to the point of blinding-that has it furniture from a yard sale and heavily inspired décor from Anthropologie magazine.

Also, I  like the idea of customizing your art work. On Etsy you can buy my digital print and pick the color that you like it to be. But, I also want to make artwork that is one of a kind and still allow people to customize it however they like it. Puppets allow that.

Here is my first attempt with the idea. I hope you can tell its a horse, lol.


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