The first dog.

Finally, after all these years I am getting a dog!

This is Mack (Mikolaj and I hope to rename him Leto; Duke Leto Atreides I,  a fictional character from the Dune universe created by Frank Herbert.) He is a sweet and big three year old Boston Terrier. We are picking him up on the 26th of March(EARTH HOUR!) from his foster home in Connecticut–that is about three hours away from where we live. I think it will be an interesting drive back. (Thank you Ian and Sarah for lending us the car.)

I never had a dog of my own. Always wanted one when I was a child. So, he will be the first and I hope he will be my muse, my buddy, my headache my unconditional love.

Currently I am running around like a chicken with out a head trying to figure out what to get. I need to make a check list.

Any tips?




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